Benefits of AAMS

Selection of Hearing Panel and Process

Advantage Arbitration and Mediation Services assists the parties to choose the neutral, date, time, and resolution process for any type of dispute. Virtually any resolution process can be created by the parties, including arbitration, mediation, settlement conferences, mini-trials, neutral fact finding, and any other type of binding or nonbinding resolution process.

We Help the Parties Control Costs

We save clients time and money by skillfully coordinating hearing arrangements in circumstances where one of the parties may initially be reluctant to participate. We provide assistance in setting forth the ADR proceeding as an attractive and viable process for all the participants.

Our Case Coordinators are trained professionals in the field of ADR. They are available to accommodate clients for all of their case arrangements, from submission of the case to its resolution.

ADR Training Program

We provide seminars and training sessions for our clients in the use of dispute resolution. Our seminars focus on advocacy in ADR proceedings, identifying disputes suited for ADR, and guidelines for selecting appropriate hearing formats.